This category is for presentation resources delivered by MM at various conferences.

21st Century education requires both physical and virtual spaces that are blended, flexible, and innovative environments capable of developing and supporting creativity and 21st Century skills. Educators will learn how to "blend" free and open technology resources to create and develop learning environments that support academic achievement and 21st Century skills development. A rationale and examples of "Blending" various environments both online and offline to augment, enhance and extend classroom learning will be explored. Participants will engage in the exploration of ideas, resources and examples of blended learning environments that can be developed at every school in every community. If you have a laptop or iPad with you, please bring it along.

A YouTube Channel makes it easy to deliver teacher presentations or student films to any device anywhere in the school, home or community. Teachers can create a YouTube Channel with a school issued Google Apps account or their own Gmail account. They can customize the look of the Channel, select the level of privacy and add or edit video to display, all for FREE. Participants will engage in the setup and creation of their own YouTube Channel and populate it with selected videos for use by their students. Playlists, video editing and privacy management will be introduced and explored. If you have a laptop or iPad with you, please bring it along.

This course if for sharing ideas and resources with the attendees of my session "Blended Learning via Your Personal YouTube Channel" at the MASS CUE 2013 conference on Thrusday Oct. 25, 2013.

"Connected Learning” is a model that draws from social, ubiquitous, blended and personalized learning, delivered by new media, to help re-imagine education for the 21st Century. This presentation will present examples and ideas about how the Connected Learning model is being implemented across the K-12 spectrum using iPads and Moodle.