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Browse the Resources below to learn more about how to use the iPad in the classroom for teaching and learning and more...

Apple iPad Ed Screen Shot

Apple iPad Support: Everything you need to know about using your iPad at home and in the classroom. Find practical and effective tips on how to harness the resources at your fingertips to take your lessons to the next level.

Mac in Ed Site

Apple in Education: Browse this collection of resources from Apple and their education community. Get an inside look at inspiring lessons and find practical and effective tips from real teachers on how to harness the resources at your fingertips to take your lessons to the next level.

Appysmart Web SIte
Provides vetted education apps for a variety of subjects and grade levels,
with other important categorizations; such as “Free or discounted apps.” There’s also an apps review forum. This site provides users with recommendations through a complex rating and ranking criteria and a special algorithm to analyze and match the data.

Ed Tech Teacher web site
Ed Tech Teacher: Where do you want to begin with iPads in the classroom? How about looking for Apps by learning activity and what you want students to do? Visit the Ed Tech Teacher website to learn more.

Common Sense Media Apps Site
Common Sense Media Best Apps
: If it seems like the world of apps is overwhelming, that's because it is! But never fear -- our editors have combed through the thousands of apps out there to pick the best. Whether you want to teach your preschooler the ABCs or read a great interactive story, yes, there's an app for that.
Edutopia Web Site
Edutopia Apps for Education: Edutopia, the George Lucas Educational Foundation web site has recommendations and reviews for Apps and what works in Education.

iTunes Education Site
iTunes Education App Store: The Apple iTunes App store can help you find the right apps for every student and class. Find curated, popular apps — organized by both subject and grade level — that are sure to get your students engaged. They’ve even created a collection of apps just for teachers to help you organize more efficiently and teach more effectively.

 Joan Ganz CooneyJoan Ganz Cooney Center: The Joan Ganz Cooney Center is an independent research and innovation lab that focuses on the challenges of educating children in a rapidly changing media landscape. Our programs address the literacies that all young students need to succeed in the 21st century, including reading, writing, science and math, and mastery of communications technologies.
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